Change Cannot Be Chained

The sun rises every day as we know it, and never once in time has it failed to rise. And no matter how much we love its beautiful rays, they will eventually set, leaving darkness to come.

The wind blows around the world, carrying clouds and sometimes bringing storms, only for us to wait for it to pass by, unstoppable. And when all hopes seem to fade, it stops. Bringing back the sun's rays and the gentle breeze.

The river flows steadily, looking forward to merging with the ocean. Whatever the obstacle, no matter how slow, it will always find its way to flow. And once it arrives, it suddenly arises, heated by the sun, forming clouds, and brought by the wind, raining down again, only to continue its cycle.

The mountain, pushed by tectonic plates below, patiently built itself up. Inches by inches, it grew. Rise above its surrounding land. Once it reached its highest peak possible, things began to change again, like everything else. The weather wears it down. Rain and snow erode its top. Slowly losing its height, and when the time was right, it finally lost all its might and turned into a mere hill until once again it became flat.

Things tend to change, like it or not.
Good things spoil, and the bad ones rot away.
A new sprout grows, and the biggest tree falls down.
Eggs hatch into younglings, and the butterfly emerges from its cocoon.

Nothing's eternal; only wait for the time to change.
People come and go, and feelings do too.
A never-ending cycle of life.

A bad regime runs its course, but never lose hope, because it will eventually change.
A better regime might reign, with justice and prosperity.
But beware; one false turn and a bad era lurking behind might just grab its chance.
An unstoppable play of fate.

One thing is for sure: everything is bound to change, and nothing can be chained forever.