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Porthole Perspective

When i was on voyage with a ship, what I love the most is the beautiful view of the sea and sky above. However, the voyage won't be always fun and joy. The wind is unforgiving. The blaze of the sun will pierce your skin. Or sometime, it rains heavily and you wouldn't like the prospect of getting wet by the rain while you are on the ship, right? The wave's getting rough sometimes. And with each ups and downs along the wave, so does our gut and its contents. Fortunately, I rarely got seasickness. To escape the uneasiness during the voyage, i would lie down on my bed, in line with the ship's heading. But inside my room, i couldn't really enjoy what I like the most from the voyage: the ocean view. There's porthole near my bunk bed, but of course, the view is limited. You really need to go outside, to get the whole view and atmosphere of the ocean. You gotta feel it from the starboard side and the portside. From the bow and the astern. Climbing the mast if necessery.