Travelling by plane always amuses me. When the thundering roar of the twin turbojet propels the hundred-tonnes machine into the air, for a few moment i feel untethered to the earth. Of course i didn't escape the invisible gravity of it-the plane didn't even reach half of the escape velocity needed- but what i'm saying is the feeling when your feet didn't connected to the ground below.

By the time the wheels of the plane leave the runaway, so does the earthly bound that connected us all. It just snapped to me. Like an unthetered kite. And i feel like some sore of transcended into different being, watching the earth below. Seeing the skycrapper we used to proud of, seems to be indistinguishable from any other building, made me realize puny humas are.

We are just an insignificant being in this planet. Yet we left behind a massively significant trace. The carbon footprint & greenhouse gas. The global waste. The burnt rainforest. The melting icecaps on the mountains and the poles. The war that tore apart families and flattening cities and deformed a certain hill. The chemicals poisoning our ocean and rivers. All the scar of mother earth, more damaging than the natural disaster.

As the plane landed, i'm becoming human again. Suffering from the knowledge about what we destroyed, yet unable to do much.

Or am i not?

Together, humanity created all the mess.

Maybe, together, we could restore it, to an extant. It might be hard, it needs a lot of effort. But pretty sure we can.

It's not a real suffering, just a lil' bit of change. It might be a lil uncomfortable, but it's nothing compared to the future we could save. We just need to consume less, drive less, waste less. Recycle more, reuse more, do real action more. Inspire and educate more people about environmentally friendly lifestyle. Plant more. Prefer more sustainable product.

If we could think of a way to colonize a red planet thousands of kilometres away, maybe cleaning up the mess we made here on earth is a more logical choice. A mature act, like a responsible adult do when they did a mistake. Yes we made a lot of bad choice. But there's still future tomorrow. A future that we could create to be the better one. We need to change, for the furture. For ourselves. For our next generation.

I hope we could do a better change for the earth. I really do. Our future depends on us.