What A Strange World We Live In

Well, several days after the beginning of Russian invasion into Ukraine, here's what we got:

Russian Armed Force is not as strong as their claim

While being the second largest in the world quantitatively, we could say that qualitatively, they are not. Several reason for it:

  • Most of their equipment are obsolete. Some are relatively new, but it couldn't make up for overall antiquity of their war machines
  • Poor tactics by the leader. While having numerical advantage, the plan didn't executed well... or the plan itself doesn't seem to work well, therefore couldn't say it's a good plan. Especially in regard to logistic support. Lots of their war machines are abandoned without ammo or fuel to continue the war efforts.
  • Poor geographical knowledge. We could see numerous footage of Russian tanks, APC, IFV, or artillery stuck in the mud.
  • Poor morale. Even many Russians are against the war. There are lots of footage of surrendered Russian Army, abandoning their mission because they said that they were told it's an exercise, they didn't know that it's a real invasion (playing dumb, eh? Or they was really brainwashed by their top brass?). Moreover, their troops seems to be less competent than their western counterpart. Probably the lack of funding due to their shrinking economy affected their training.

Vladimir vs Volodimir

Once seen as a strongman needed by the world to compensate for western dominance, now Putin has been seen as potential candidate to be trialed at The Hague. Years after years of propaganda and publicity stunts (i fell for that, too. You know, sort of anti-western myself are easily fell into the trap of anti-western populist figure), ruined within days. The brilliance from his KGB days seems to be gone, maybe years after years of presidency already depleted his mind-power? We still didn't know what he has under his sleeve. Will he really press the nuke button? We hope not. So far, the world be like, іди на хуй, Путін. Maybe, it's time for Putin to put-out his reign for good.

On the other hand, Zelensky popularity skyrocketed. Who thought that an-ex actor and comedian could be such a great leader, making an ex-KGB agent sitting on the throne of the Great Russia for decades looks like a complete clown? Who could forget Zelensky's powerful line like: "We will defend our land", "When you attack us, you will see our faces, not our backs", "I don't need a ride, I need weapon". Man, he got balls of steel down there. People all over the world might be jealous to Ukrainians for having such a president. Maybe, being an actor and comedian made him capable of doing better publicity stunts than an ex-KGB agent.

Ukrainian fought hard 

While quantitatively inferior, Ukrainians fought back hard. Their spirit are high, their leader stand back, their equipment might be lacking (though supports are coming), their geographical advantage are fully optimized, and the lack of invader's overall capability are fully exploited. Casualties are rising, but their spirit doesn't seem wavering, so far. Let's see how it would end. Hopefully, peace talks will be taken.

Bad deeds of NATO: forgotten. Bad luck for Russian: increased

The world seems to (temporarily) forget how bad NATO aggression were. Now the attention of the world is to blame Russian (Government), and all hell breaks loose on them. Their economy will definitely shrink even more. Bad news for Russian people (even they don't support Putin and got arrested while doing protest on the streets). Other than the Ukrainians as the invaded, i feel bad for the Russians too, especially those who against the war. Their companies abroad will be out of business, their national football team and clubs, athletes of various field (even Russian-owned cats) will be banned from competition, their economy crumbles and everything. The world is totally against them, save for China and Belarusia, maybe. Poor, poor Ivan.

World Hypocrisy

Even we could see lots of football fans and player sending message for Ukraine. But wait, there's no room for politics in football, right?
Remember when israel attacked Palestine and muslim football player send a message? Ok, few match ban. Mesut Ozil raising voice for Uyghur? Benchwarmer ticket.
But now everybody going to support Ukraine and nobody bats an eye?

pic from here

It's not that i'm against the support for Ukraine. I just hate the hypocrisy. If support for Ukraine is good, then we should support Palestine too, they've been occupied for decades. 

It's not that i support what Putin did to Ukraine. I just hate the hypocrisy, because when USA and NATO bombard Sarajevo, Baghdad or Tripoli, did the world do the same? Sanctioning and isolating them? Banning their athletes?

Everything seems more hypocrite when talking about the war refugees. When Syria, Libya and another Middle Eastern countries was torn apart by NATO, their refugees are not welcomed. But now, European countries accepting Ukrainians refugee with a big hug. Apparently, being Caucasian and culturally more similar to their European neighbor is a plus, compared to those from Middle East. Even being victim of the same war, going into the same direction with Ukrainian refugees, those from Middle East, Africa or Asia receive discrimination along the way.

When Ukrainians fought back, they are regarded as heroic, patriotic, and all positive images. But when Palestinian fought back, they're labelled terrorist.

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What a weird world we live in. 

Where the very same invasive action, could lead into a different reaction if the actors are different.

Where the victim of a same disaster called war, could be treated differently due to their race.