Top 3 Silly Moments of My Children (Beware: Disturbing Content)

Being a parents of two (around 5yo and 2 yo) in this challenging era is such a roller coaster of an emotion. One moment, their sweetness would melt you, and you'd feel like you'll do anything to protect them. One moment later, they'll made your anger erupt like a volcano. At one second, their silly little action would made you laugh your ass off. Seconds later, you'll be the one in tears hoping them to obey your instruction.

However, i just wanna remember their funniest moment for now. I want to remember them as my source of laughter and joy, rather than as two little monsters who robbed our energy almost every time. 

And here is my list of top silly moments of each my children.

Aira, a very talkative nearly-5 years old kid, is a combo of curiosity, creativity, mischief and stubbornness. She was once a sweet child, but maybe her jealousy over her little bro get over her, making her being such a troublemaker she is right now. But she had several silly moments with me, and prepare yourself, it was all about poop and pee. Beware, here it is:

  1. When her brother turns 4 months, i brought all them back to Jakarta (little bro was born in Malang, just like big sis). We went to Jakarta by train, and Aira, already not wearing diapers, peed a lot. By a lot, i mean she went to the toilet no less than 6 times during the 13 hours journey. She even pooped once. Maybe she just enjoyed the new atmosphere of peeing while on the move. As an adult who avoid going to train's toilet as much as i can, accompanying her back and forth several times was just . . . exhausting. We just realized that she drank a lot during the travel, that's why she peed a lot. The next time we catch a train to Jakarta, we made sure she didn't drink too much to avoid similar incident. Hahaha. 
  2. Once upon a time, we were having a party for his little bro. nearly 3 yo Aira was already dressed, pretty and all. But once I emerged from bathroom (still covered in towel), she told me she wanted to poop. Ok, fine. The cutest part is, when i was accompanying her pooping, she held my hand and said the sweetest thing a pure child could say: "Daddy, i can see myself in your eyes". Uh so cute, if not for the smell and the situation. 
  3. Still in the toilet, now at home. She once asked me "Dad i wanna pee". A normal pee, at the floor (we are Asian, so it's a wet bathroom of course, not the ones like at the hotel or western houses). So I accompany her to the toilet and left her. Moments later, she yelled "Daaad" with such an intonation you would know she's in trouble. Aaaand . . . turned out she ALSO wanted to poop, and being confused because she already peed at the floor, so while she couldn't hold it any longer, decided to ALSO pooped. . . on the floor. I was like "Oh God". Stunned and lil bit angered, i lift her to place her at the toilet, to resume her session. Of course, at first I had to throw her poop into the toilet first. By hand. And i washed my hand a lot after the incident. A LOT. 

Fatih, 2 yo + 2 months, on the other hand is a copycat of her sister, a cute lil boy who also talk a lot, with her own charisma who always made me and my wife fall over his cuteness. While he started to show stubbornness like her big sis recently, he's still a cute chunk of meat & bones who loves to move around and making a mess everywhere he goes. Just like big sis Aira, his silly moments revolves around the toilet, so prepare yourself. Here it is:

  1. First thing first, he loves to sing. He could sing about anything, and love to compose his own melody. That one time, he was pooping, so i just put him on the toilet to do his thing. I waited outside, and suddenly heard him humming a familiar song. Then it turns into a singing, like "peeing and pooping, everyday" repeated again and again. I burst into laughter, so did my wife who I immediately told. How he composed such a lyric from a song he already knew, just made my day.
  2. Fatih was better than his big sis in term of toilet training, and he really told me when he's about to pee. For most of the time, he made my job simple. But one time, i was stunned when his pee reach far enough into he water bucket, about half a meter in front of him. And that bucket was full of water. About 80 liters of clean water. And i had to pour it over the floor, wash the bucket and refill it again. What a waste. I never forget to close the lid of the bucket whenever he's on the toilet, or made him peed on the floor and then flush it afterward, than having his tiny weenie watergun contaminating our water bucket with urinal excretion.
  3. Once he was pooping, as usual i waited outside. Then he screamed "Daad" with such an intonation you would know he's in trouble. When i saw him, i laughed my ass off. His hand was covered in his own poop, and he didn't know how to clean it. Of course daddy come to the rescue, washing his hand and butt, and off course daddy's own hand with soap. A lot of soap. After that incident, he never touched his own butt during pooping. Lesson learned.

While some of you might see this post as disgusting, I'm pretty sure that reader which already be a parents could relate a lot with all these things. What's your opinion, readers?