Lord Brokensword and The Butcher's Son (3)

A sweet womem named Raksi was born in a humble peasant family at the unconquered land. During her childhood, she had always wore used clothes from her older sibling, or a rough home sewn clothes. When young Raksi wanted to change her life, she went to neighboring city, worked as textile trader's employee. It was like a dream job for her, since she could touch various hi-quality textile and garments, although not owning it, yet. She rarely visited her family back in the land, because there was so much suffering she endured there, and she was quite happy with her new life. 

But for one moment, when she went back to her family's house, a fateful meeting happened. She was on a cart on the way home, when she saw several unfamiliar men near her family's house.

Lord Baroush stood there dashingly, his brown  horse nearby. He was looking for a good tailor to make his men's uniform. His squad only had a formal uniform sewn by The Kingdom's tailors, but they also needed field uniform for land clearing job. Since The Kingdom's tailors already had enough job on their hands, Baroush had to look for tailor nearby. Unfortunately for them, the unconquered land had no tailor, nor textile maker. Luckily, young Raksi who worked for a textille trader was there, visiting her family. Due to Raksi's help, Baroush could fulfill his squad's need for field uniform. Long story short, Baroush proposed young Raksi, and they married during the early stage of the unconquered land's reform.

They went through the up and down together, until the unconquered land became a fertile agricultural land, famed for their bountiful harvest. Baroush went from one of 
King's woodcraft councelor into a rich landlord. The King acknowledged this achievement, and entitled Baroush as the Lord of The Unconquered Land. His squad, consisted of several of his loyal friend, each earned a respectful position as the duty manager of the land. The sweet nectar after years of their hardwork finally paid off.

Needless to say, Baroush new title also affect her wife's status. Lord Baroush came to her life not unlike a fairytale Prince. He gave her all the love  absent from her bitter childhood, and now had fulfilled her wildest dream to be a noble member of the kingdom. Her longing dream of wearing nice dress everyday had been fulfilled now. A nouveau riche was born under the name Lady Raksi, The Fancy Gown.