Lord Brokensword and The Butcher's Son (chapter 2)

The Lord of The Unconquered Land (from now on we will call him by his real name, Baroush of The Jungle) was raised by a family of lumberjack. His father taught him about woodcrafting since his childhood, and although he wasn't not the brightest among his 7 brothers, he was a hardworker. He was always a man of action, did little talk and always focused on his goal. Not to say that he never taste fall, defeat or humiliation, but a determined one who always know to stand up after each fall in life. Due to his hardwork, he climbed his rank to be one of the kingdom's carpenter. 

At the beginning, he was tasked to make a wooden weapon for the soldier to train, and he always delivered the best result. A wooden weapon was just meant as a mean to familiarize newly recruited soldier with real weapon, but he decorated each of it with a unique ornament, earning popularity among the trained soldier. Even senior soldiers often asked him to made them personal ornamental items. The King aknowledged his artistic talent, and granted him a special task to made several beautiful wooden ornament which the Queen (which happened to had a high standard) also praised. Since that, The King liked him even more, and granted him a special position as woodcraft counselor. The King himself was a fan of woodcrafty, and since Baroush was a quiet and a humble man, he felt comfortable around Baroush. The King even often asked him about political matters or told him about his personal issue, to which Baroush always humbly answered with deepest apology due to his lack of expertise in that matter. The King, who had long been surrounded by bootlickers and sycophants, valued his sincerity and liked him even more. 

Baroush, being a humble person himself, never took any advantage of his closeness to the King, much to his friend's disconcerted. They always asked Baroush to retell what The King told him, or asked him to tell the King to raise their salary. Much to their dismay, Baroush never spilled the beans, nor complained about salary. 

That's why when he finally asked The King for a mission to change the abandoned land into a prosperous garden, his friends was startled. Baroush himself didn't do this for himself. He just felt that it would be better if the vacant land could be cultivated and people of the kingdom could heap what's grow there. 

Long story short, Baroush and his trusted friends succeeded. The abandoned land was changed into a fertile garden witj bountiful crops. The antagonistic locals were now became his loyal workers. Baroush settled there, married a local girl and started a family. 

He was lived by the jungle, in a cramped log house with his parents and 7 brothers. But now, he's a landlord with hundreds of loyal workers, acknowledged by the whole kingdom as one of The King's most trusted man, and a small family beside him. However, one's life is not always as perfect as what it seems.