Lord Brokensword and The Butcher's Son

Once upon a time, in a peaceful side of a kingdom, live a rich landlord with his family. He was so rich, that any report of a stealing of his treasury never bothered him. He ruled over this piece of land given by The King with great wisdom, albeit a twisted one. This piece of land given to him by The King, was a wasteland. He was one of the king's bravest warrior, who accompanied him through many battles. During one of their journey of conquest, they came across this abandoned piece of land, and he thought 'what a waste, a land this vast but noone conquered'. The locals said that the land was cursed, so nobody came to cultivate this peaceful land. He then humbly asked The King to lead a party with a mission 'to change this wasteful piece of earth into one of the kingdom's most fruitful garden'. A very brave bet, indeed. But The King granted him the request anyway. He thought that nobody would be bothered anyway, so with the power he had, The King appointed him to be The Lord of The Unconquered Earth. The title, however, was soon to be changed followed a series of success he brought to the abandoned land.