Raising Kids is Like Riding a Roller Coaster

Raising kid(s) is like riding a roller coaster; at first, you might be both nervous and hyped. But once you are on, there’s no way back
You’ll feel the happiness, you’ll feel the worry, you’ll afraid whether u can finish it or not
When seeing his/her first smile, you’ll be overwhelmed with joy and happiness
But once your kid(s) sick/hurt/injured, you might be very afraid, nervous, worry, and else
But overall, it’s an experience you’d love to share with other people
And here I am, a new daddy, raisin' my newborn baby with my wife and family
I know, most parenting blogs out there are written by the mom, but why not? I'm a blogger, and I'm a dad, so why not? Moreover, it's called "parenting", not only "mothering" or "fathering", right?
I'll be glad to share my experience so another parents maybe could benefit from my postings, hopefully.