Insects never fail to amuse me. They come in various color (ranging from all-black ants to metalic beetles), size (from less than a milimeter ants again to palm-sized moth), and shape (from unique mantis to stick-like phasmidas). And now I just wanna share some of my insect photo gallery. Comments and input are appreciated. All photos are taken from my Sony Cyber-Shot DCS WX-300. Its macro photo quality isn't the best, but quite acceptable considering it's just a non-professional pocket camera (not to mention that the photographer is still an amateur).

dull colored butterfly, at Pulau Seribu

Remember beetleborg? This guy sure is metallic

another grasshopper nymph

an orange ladyboybug (dunno whether its a gentlebug or a lady one) 

an annoying housefly

"ready to jump", said the nymph grasshopper

honeybees on a lotus

this guy is even more metallic

"my precious", said the brown grasshopper to its lovely leaf