English Club (Again)

Dear Readers, this is my first posting in English. I hope you guys don't mind to read it. If you ever visited my blog, you must have known that I never make any post in English-though sometime I wrote some English phrases in my previous postings.

Actually, my grammatical skill is not so good, that's why I never make an English post. But since I joined with ICEC (an English club in my office) yesterday, i'm changing my mind. I will make some English postings from now on.

"This is the place to encourage yourself, thus increasing your skill in English". That's the point that I got from the first meeting of ICEC, yesterday. So, if I already have a place to speak in English, why can't I make an English post in my blog? Actually, my grammatical skill is not the main problem. It's just my own fear, I'm just too afraid to make some mistakes in my posting.
Ironically, my tutor in my senior high school's Debate Club, told me not to afraid of doing mistakes in English, it's normal since English is not our own language. His sayings encouraged me, so that I became the member of my school's debate team. And now, some years after he told me about that, I'm just stuck in my own fear.
So, since i've already joined ICEC, I will constantly make some posts in English. While ICEC improve my speaking skill, my blog will also improve my grammatical skill.

*I dedicate this post for some newbies who suffer the same problem with me : afraid of doing mistakes in English.