I'm Just A Weakling; So What?

" . . . When you face some sort of troubles, most people that you called 'friends' might say: "You are not alone. If you have troubles, we will be there for you. Together we are strong. " or something like that. Right?

'Friend' is what you call someone who likes to be someone else's minion. Right?

Don't you think that they say that just to cover their incompetence? Isn't that just a means to cheer oneself for being weak and hopeless?
. . . " (Joukyuu, in Aiki)

Well, maybe yes. They said that just to compensate their weakness, just another way to say that when lonely, you all are hopeless.

So what? So what's the problem if you are really weak when you are alone? What's wrong in being weakling?

Humans are basically weak, so that's why they make a social life with another human. Almost every time we cooperate with our friend to achieve something that we couldn't reach alone. Even more, sometimes we "use" them in such a way to achieve our own goal.

There's no need to hide this fact. It's a truth. It's a reality.
If humans were stronger and more independent, maybe there won't be any civilization exist. Humans might be lived like a solitary predator, and made a group of couple for mating only.
Allah SWT created us like this, with all this limitation, so that we could aware how weak we are. And when we aware of this, we will always remember how strong Allah SWT is.

Allahu Akbar . . .


  1. nice post..
    and I like the quote, haha..
    anyhow, in my opinion, someone who accepts his/her weakness and tries to get along with it (look for the solvency of his/her weakness) will understand the meaning of real strength.
    just like Socrates statement about wisdom. people who are wise, are those who realize that they do not know much..


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